Vertex Transit llc

By Bleu Sexton
Friday, January 03, 2020

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Are you looking for the trucking companies in Texas to get the New Year started off right. Vertex Transit is the place you need to be we are looking for Owner Operators for Penumatics, Boxes, and Freight.

  • We offer:
    • Only one week hold on pay
    • 82/18 Split
    • 2019 Trailers for lease Step-Deck and Pneumatic trucking in Texas
    • Fuel Cards
    • Affordable Insurance
    • Health Insurance available

We have a strong customer base in the Oil & Gas Industry, and are continuing to grow those relationships as well as starting new ones. Our Freight Division is up and running, and we need more trucks to help with our growing customer base. We are currently running Stepdecks, but are open to hauling/pulling whatever we need. If you are pulling something down the road we are interested in talking to you. Please feel free to call us, i.e., one the best trucking companies